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Sexual Performance Enhancer

Safe and efficient for people with diabetes, cholesterol, prostate, blood pressure and heart problems. 100% natural product. Compatible with alcohol and prescribed medication.

24 capsules


Technical information about Biovigora

Ingredients: Aframomum, Kola nitida, digestive enzymes, vegetable capsule.

Origin of the plants : Found in Africa. Aframomum and Kola nitida grow wild in tropical forests.

Scientists of Canada, intrigued by the sexual vitality of certain African tribes, discovered that Aframomum was used as a spice to season food, and was at the source of this sexual vitality. Curiously, it was necessary in North America to wait until today to take advantage of the virtues of this plant, although it has been used for centuries in Africa.

Use as directed for optimal results :
1-Take 1 capsule, with each meal, 3 times a day, for 5 consecutive days.
Total : 15 capsules. This load up phase needs only to be done 1 time.
2-After this period, take 2 capsules 1 hour before sexual activities.

Precautions : Because Aframomum is a kind of spice, as with other spices, we recommend to be careful if you have intestinal sensitivity or allergies to spices.

Some FAQs :

  • Initial build up period of 5 days is very important, and only needs to be completed once. Make sure not to draw any conclusion prior to 5 days of use.
  • Biovigora remains efficient and safe for people with diabetes, cholesterol, prostate, blood pressure and heart problems.
  • Biovigora doesn't cause insomnia.
  • You don't have to take Biovigora daily. Just as needed, 1 hour before sexual activities. For this reason, Biovigora is one of the least expensive products on the market
  • Biovigora works for many hours. The effects may last up to 12 hours on some people, so it can be taken more than one hour before intercourse.
  • Biovigora increases sexual performance for the majority of people even if they have no problems.
  • Biovigora is compatible with alcohol and prescribed medication.

Who is Biovigora for?

Biovigora is appropriate for men in the following categories :

  • Men in perfect health with excellent performance.
  • Men who have difficulty maintaining their performance.
  • Certain men with serious difficulties.

Biovigora is appropriate for women in the following categories :

  • Women in perfect health and with excellent libido & desire.
  • Women with lower desire and libido.
  • Women who need better lubrication.

Product Discovery

The story of Biovigora is one of the most astonishing finds in the field of the medicinal plants.

For centuries, the men of some tribes in Africa were recognized by the surrounding tribesmen for their particularly high vitality and their sexual capacities. Up 'till now, older men married and had children with considerably younger women. For unfound reasons, they remained sexually active all their life.

Intrigued by this out of the ordinary situation, scientists decided to perform a study. Their research led to a remarkable discovery: the performance of those men was the result of Aframomum, a rare spice that grows in Africa, used to season food.

From this discovery, the scientists studied the efficiency, dosage, the posology and the toxicity of Aframomum. The seeds of Aframomum were brought to a laboratory and were analyzed to verify these criteria.

Specialists in clinical and medical research led these clinical tests.

Product Comparison

Major differences between Biovigora and the other products on the market:

  • Biovigora is consumed only on an ''as required basis'' while competitors recommend a daily intake for their product.
  • This makes Biovigora more economical for users.
  • The active ingredient of Biovigora is a plant named ''Aframomum''. It is the only product in North America with this ingredient.
  • The product is suitable for both women and men.
  • Available without prescription.
  • Compatible with alcohol & medication.

Is Biovigora safe?

Biovigora is not a prescription medication. The active ingredient of Biovigora was used (and still is used) centuries ago by certain African tribes without unfavourable side effects.

The long-term consumption of Aframomum by humans for centuries is the best proof of safety, even better than scientific study or intensive tests on animals. In laboratory tests , mice received amounts equivalent to 16 boxes of 20 capsules X 150 Mg of Biovigora per day for 18 consecutive days and did not show any unfavourable side effects or any degree of toxicity.

Biovigora is not a chemical medication. Biovigora is a food supplement (100 % natural) made up of only 2 plants, eliminating most side effects which chemicals may cause.

However, like all other spice types, we recommend considering it with attention if you are sensitive or have intolerance to spices.

Questions And Answers

Does one need to have a problem to use Biovigora ?
Not at all. Biovigora was designed for all men & women.
What are the optimal directions of use for Biovigora ?
Take 1 capsule with each meal, 3 times a day, for 5 consecutive days. Total : 15 capsules. After this period, 2 capsules 1 hour before sexual activities.
Do I need to start the 5 days build up over if I have been without Biovigora for over a month?
Load up phase needs to be completed 1 time only.
What do I have to do if after 5 consecutive days of intake & 2 capsules, I have not seen any improvement?
Each person reacts in a different way to natural products. It may be that you are a more resistant person, we suggest taking 3 capsules instead of 2 before sexual activities. If you do not see any improvement, this product is simply not appropriate for you. Biovigora is a very effective product and very few people do not get positive results. However, we have now an excellent alternative for you, another product, Erexium is totally different than Biovigora in its ingredients and its mode of action. Visit this section of our website : Erexium
What side effects can Biovigora have on a person with health problems ?
Biovigora remains efficient and safe for people with diabetes, cholesterol, prostate, blood pressure and heart problems.
Can we take Biovigora more than one hour before intercourse and expect good results ?
Yes, you can expect results with Biovigora for up to 12 hours (for some people). For example, you can take Biovigora at dinner time and plan on having intercourse at midnight.
Can we take Biovigora in conjunction with Erexium and expect better results ?
Yes, Biovigora is a totally different product from Erexium and works differently. Erexium will favor size improvement, while Biovigora won't.

Study Results

Results on blood pressure with/without Biovigora
No. Age Weight Race Blood press. (sys/diast.)
code - (kg) B/W Before</ⓜŊ> During After
H01 37 96 B 130/84 135/82 132/85
S02 30 65 W 112/69 114/65 115/67
G04 34 82 W 118/70 121/72 124/74
J05 28 76 B 116/68 118/66 120/68
O06 23 65 B 124/69 125/70 127/72
E08 23 69 W 119/72 120/73 123/73
N09 26 76 B 125/76 122/75 125/72
B10 28 85 B 123/72 123/74 124/76

W :  White man

B :  Black man

A capsule was taken every 4 to 6 hours, 3 times per day by healthy men and men with a slight difficulty.

Conclusion : Biovigora does not show unfavorable effects on the blood pressure.


Posology and results. A capsule of 300 mg was taken during meals three (3) times per day, for 5 consecutive days. Then, 2 capsules 1 hour before intercourse.

The results are shown in the table below: 


Rigidity results with Biovigora
Groups Subjects number Noticed symtom Age interval Rig. before Biovigora Rig. after
Bio Vigora
group 1 18 Light erection 30-50 Low (6 subjects)
Low (3)
Med-High(4) High (11)
group 2 6 No erection since less than 12 months 50-57 No erect.(5)
Very low (1subject)
No erect.(1)
High (4)
group 3 9 No erection since more than 8 years 66-78 No erect.(9) No erect.(9)
group 4 12 Heathy man 30-42 Med.-High(4)
Med-High (1)
Very High(6) Too High(1)

Testimonies and comments

Here are comments from customers following their use and experimentation with Biovigora.

Eric, 28 years old : '' I tried Biovigora out of curiosity; being convinced that this product was no different from others available on the market. I'm in perfect shape and do not experience any problem with sex: erection, libido etc. Moreover, I do not drink alcohol or smoke. I eat healthy food. On the second day of Biovigora testing, I felt a difference. I had erections more easily and recuperation delay was reduced significantly. I am now feel younger (sexually) - like if I were 18. For me, this product is highly effective. My partner was so impressed by the results I obtained that she will test your product on herself. You shall receive her comments shortly.

Genevieve, naturopath for 6 years : The first 3 men to whom I recommended the use of Biovigora were between 57 and 64 years old. They were all suffering stifness problems. Following the use of the product, all 3 reported to have easier erections now as well as stiffness improvements . The first 5 women I recommended to use Biovigora also reported to have much better libido almost instantly (in only a few days).

Nancy R., Ontario, Canada : "My husband and I have been married for 13 years and we have one child together. Shortly after the first year of marriage, sex to me had become routine. I had purchased some Biovigora to bring back some passion into my lovemaking. I first purchased Biovigora in November of 2003 and I would like to share with you my experience since using the product. The first evening of using the product was spectacular. Both my husband and myself took 2 capsules each approximately one hour before our lovemaking. We had no idea at the time, the amount of sensation and pleasure that would fall upon us both. The pleasurable sensation that overtook my whole body just from the gentle touches of his hands upon my skin sent me into the beginning of a night to remember. That evening my orgasmic pulses were non-stop and non-exhausting. My husband orgasmed frequently and had the ability to continue on until he reached his satisfaction. We have continued a program within our relationship that includes taking the Biovigora regularly so that we can experience the pure pleasure all the time. For both of us the Biovigora lasts in our systems for approximately 48 hours. Now I can always experience what I had experienced the first day of taking the Biovigora all the time.
I would like to extend my gratitude to you for making a product that brings alive the passion in my life that I have not felt since the first year of my marriage."

Dave S., Ontario, Canada : My wife and I have had a fantastic sex life for 23 years now, but recently she has had some sleep deprivation/seasonal depression issues which seemed to have a negative effect.
I'm happy to report that Biovigora brought things back to even better than normal!

A. Frymann, Ontario, Canada : Yes, I tried it ! You bet there was a difference! I'm 56 years old and it made a big difference. I don't think it was strictly physiological. I won't take cheminal drug because it scares me a little. I have to take Beta Blockers for FamilialTremor. Beta Blockers are mainly meant as a heart drug, so I don't want to take chances.

Nicole T. naturopathe, Quebec : When I have intercourse with my husband I am not as sexually responsive as I should be to his touches. However, after seven days of daily intake of Biovigora I noticed an important difference at that level. Now intercourse with my partner are more and more lively and my libido continues to improve.

Stephane G. Quebec : Taking Erexium as prescribed on the bottle brought me fast and appreciable improvement of my sexual appetite. Erections are now more powerfull. I feel like if I have a much bigger penis.

Ed H., Canada : Using Biovigora has been a transformation for me. After using it for only one day, I could tell the difference, after the third day, well, you would not know I ever had an e.d problem.