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A larger penis size & more performance

Penis enlargement (length and thickness). Easier, harder and longer-lasting erection. Consistently stronger sex drive & more intense orgasms. Daily maintenance of the prostate.

90 capsules


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All men have a mystery, when they are sick they almost wait until almost close to death before they decide to get medical attention. When we talk about something that has to do with our male Ego, the first thing that we say is "OH I am not worried, I am feel like I am still in my 20s."

We all made jokes on sex. And we sometimes make fun of a friend if he has the wisdom to ask us a question concerning the prostate. We all answer " Please don't tell me that you are beginning to have an erection problem?" . It is more common than you think. It is in fact a reduction of testosterones levels which begins to create a lot of problems such as a prostate with some discomforts, an erection which goes on vacation from time to time or it is not like it used to be when we were in our 20s.

But how do men and women perceive these changes? Do they both think the same way? What does that imply?

" Problems, me? Not me, I do not have a problem and I will never have any." Many women hear these words regularly. Or, "I am having this problem due to the stress or tiredness (all the external factors are good excuses). You say that it is a temporary problem. The male in general knows that he has problems but does not say it. And it is normal in our North American culture.

Testosterones play an important part in a man's life . They make it possible for a man to perform like a man. It is key constituent of a man's sexual health, maintains their sexual function and stimulates the osseous and muscular growth.

A reduction in testosterone results in lack of sexual desire, erections difficult to maintain or stronger than before and a lack of energy. When you are in your 20s, even if you went to bed at 3 a.m. you were able to go to work in " TOP SHAPE ". Yes, it was testosterones which made us go all night... And after all that, they could begin again the following day without problem. But in our 40s, this does not work any more. We go to sleep right after the 10 p.m. news.

You will be surprised to know, this process is similar with the gain of weight. It is gradual and no one realizes it. With the gain of weight, one can realize it when he does not fit in his trousers anymore or because we have a photograph of us from 5 years ago and we can see the difference. On the other hand, the loss of testosterone is not seen and does not measure itself.

Active testosterone diminishes of 10% per decade. This begins at the age of 30.

Women, you know your husband. Besides, you know many things that himself has not acknowledged yet.

Men, let us be clear: we have about 30 to 40 years of active sexual life, the sooner you take care of the maintenance of your testosterone and your prostate, the quicker will things get back to normal. If you don't, you will have to take a prescription medicine for erection and one more for your prostate. And still after all that, sex will be much less enjoyable and last less longer. Also don't forget another very important factor: if our spouse is not 100 % satisfied by us in the bed, we don't feel like SUPERMAN and this really does not help our self-esteem. Why suffer in vain and torture? Believe it or not, one single product is enough to regulate everything.

Ask your wife to read this text to see her reaction if you are comfortable, and ask her if she agrees with what is written here.

Women are different from men. Women are also affected in their sexual life by a vaginal dryness and a fall of libido. This is called menopause. The difference? The women speak with somebody about their problems.

It is also known that women will try to solve this problem by seeking information about it and consulting a health professional. In certain cases, they will have to undergo hormone-therapy or, use natural products to eliminate the symptoms of menopause. Why not you ?

Do you want a natural solution, without risk, without prescription medication and without any side effect?
You want a better performance during sexual intercourse?
You have an opportunity here...

Erexium contains several active ingredients which together form a synergy which will tackle the side effects associated with aging.

It contains saw palmetto, an essential ingredient for the maintenance of the prostate. What does the saw palmetto do? If you feel difficulty to urinate, delay before urinating or pain, it is a prostate which is beginning to lose effectiveness. It is necessary to act, and quickly. All people dealing with natural products will recommend you to take saw palmetto and everything would be back to normal in about 2 months. But do not wait, take care of this situation right away.

On March 15th this year, TVA network broadcasted a report on television about prostate cancer. One out of 7 men is at risk. We don't claim that one of our ingredients, saw palmetto, prevents cancer but if you maintain your prostate with saw palmetto and even if you don't have any problem presently, using saw palmetto will surely not harm and it will definitely ameliorate your sexual life.

Some other ingredients act like energy tonic (ginseng) or on other specific systems (cayenne, nettle, schisandra).

Lastly, our formula also contains ingredients acting specifically as sexual stimulant for desire. These are of liquorice, cistanche, cuscute, cnidium, tribulus terristris and horny goat weed. Those ingredients bring back the testosterones at the same level like when we were in our 20s.

You can visit 'Sales Location' section of our website to find a retailer close to you. Our product is 100% guaranteed.

Surprisingly, up to 80% of natural products are purchased by women (including sex and prostate products)for their partners.

If however you are not comfortable going to a store or if you don't have a wife to run to a store, click on the order form below to purchase it directly from our company. It will be delivered to you discretely in an envelope where only your name and our company name appear. It is a complete discrete mailing.

Try it and you will be back at your 20s again and perform like one!

How it works

.Regarding the length of your penis...

We put the details below with caution because it is a subject which certain men are not comfortable with reading. Please stop reading here if this subject is disrespectful to you.

We receive an astronomical quantity of emails daily about information on our website, asking whether their penis can really grow bigger with EREXIUM. It is one of the questions which seems most to intrigue the curiosity of the users of EREXIUM. And honestly, the majority say to us: ` ' I do not believe in it. It is impossible.'' Before the first plane flew, everyone also said that it was impossible.

One of most current fantasy of every man is to have a larger penis and more length (we have several fantasies but we only have guts to openly speak about few of them so that we don't shock our partner or because we think that it is abnormal to have some).

Here is a Joke, two women discuss together about the importance of the penis length and one says: `' the length is not really matter long or very long is fine for me' '.

But it seems to be an established fact for us: length and size are really important for us. It is a pride, a question of image of oneself, ego and confidence in our charm.

When women are asked about size, it seems that they prefer on their man to have a longer penis, but it's not a necessity. Therefore, let us clarify this important and true statement once and for all.

Why our penis grows bigger? The active ingredients bring a greater quantity of blood to the penis at the time of erection. Therefore, the cavernous part of the penis bodies fills with full capacity making the penis longer and thicker.

As Health Canada obliges us to give them all documentation to support our claims, our applications must be presented with information confirming the claims which we make on our various products.

With Erexium, users may begin to feel increased virility in just 3 short weeks (quality of erection, endurance, sexual desire and penis size). You will probably start noticing an increase in size of your penis after just 3 short weeks of usage. After using Erexium for about 60 to 120 days continuously, an average 5.5'' long penis may grow in length to as much as 7''; that is 1.5" of added length with a corresponding increase in thickness. Penis enlargement could result in up to a 30% increase after taking Erexium for 60 to 120 days.

It all that true ? Yes, over 85 % of men found Erexium very effective and noted good results. This is the reason also we guarantee this product and you will get a full refund if you are not entirely satisfy.

Erexium delivers what men want most:

  • Penis enlargement (length and thickness)
  • Easier, harder and longer-lasting performance when aroused
  • Consistently stronger sex drive, higher sexual desire
  • More intense orgasm
  • Better ejaculation control: increases the power of your ejaculations
  • Increases your energy and general endurance
  • Daily maintenance of the prostate


  • Horny goat weed extract: 120 mg (sexual arousal)
  • Saw palmetto extract: 60 mg (sexual stimulator, helps penis growth, prevent minor prostate problems, premature ejaculation)
  • Cnidium extract: 37 mg (best oriental sexual stimulator for erection)
  • Tribulus terrestris extract: 37 mg (libido stimulator and increase energy)
  • Cuscuta extract: 37 mg (sexual libido stimulator )
  • Ginkgo extract: 37 mg (circulation stimulator & general tonic)
  • Ginseng extract: 37 mg (tonic)
  • Licorice extract: 37 mg (sexual stimulator & detoxifier)
  • Schisandra extract: 37 mg (liver tonic and increases blood flow)
  • Cistanche extract: 37 mg (libido stimulator)
  • Cayenne extract: 37 mg(blood circulation stimulator)
  • Nettle extract:37 mg (cleanses blood)

How to take

Dosage :
Take 2 capsules every meal for 7 consecutive days.

Continue with 3 capsules daily which may be taken in a single dosage of 3 capsules.

Many men have already asked us this question : Could we decrease the Erexium dosage after the 90 days and keep the results we obtained ?
Answer : Yes, of course. But because every man's system reacts differently, you will have to alter your dose accordingly. For example, you may try 1 or 2 capsules a day. Or 3 capsules, every 2 or 3 days and adjust the dosage to your condition. You may also take a 5 day break between each bottle and start another cycle.


Precaution :
Do not exceed 6 capsules per day.

Safety :
Use in conjunction with advice from your health professional.

If you are currently taking any medications or are being treated for a medical condition, please consult with your Doctor before taking this product.


''As suggested by my naturopath, I'm using Erexium to maintain a healthy prostate. I also improved my sexual performances.'' Robert P., 58 years , Sherbrooke